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November 14-15, 2024    @Halle Tor 2, Cologne
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HuFiCon is a European cyber security event designed to help security professionals transform their teams into cyber heroes. Join us for expert talks, hands-on workshops, and a community committed to putting people at the heart of cyber security.


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Our mission is to build a vibrant community of cyber heroes. Join us as we unite industry professionals for an unforgettable event. Get ready to connect, learn, and lead in the world of cyber security!

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Aya Jaff

Aya Jaff

Tech founder, author, and coder

Aya Jaff, an Iraqi-born entrepreneur who sought refuge in Germany, is a renowned Forbes 30under30 honoree, keynote speaker, and author of the acclaimed book “MONEYMAKERS.” As Tradity’s voluntary CTO for five years, she attracted 5,000+ members across 80 schools, providing engaging finance education. A self-taught programming and trading expert, Aya’s commitment to learning earned her multiple tech scholarships.

Markus Beckedahl

Markus Beckedahl

Founder and long-standing editor-in-chief of, co-founder of re:publica, and activist

For over 25 years, Markus Beckedahl has been observing, analyzing, and explaining how the internet and key digital technological developments are shaping our societies, cultural practices, and political decisions. In doing so, he has played a key role in shaping a new field of politics: digital and network politics.

As a prominent political journalist with an IT background, he provides a critical, up-to-date, and far-sighted assessment of the effects of digitalization and challenges decision-makers at all levels to think about digital societies in a fairer, more sustainable and bolder way.

A blogger from the very beginning, he founded, one of the most influential public interest-oriented journalistic media in Germany and has received numerous awards as editor-in-chief.

In 2007, Markus founded re:publica, the most important event platform for the digital society in Europe and is currently the curatorial director again.

Markus also advises organizations on digitalization issues, in the broad field of campaign and communication strategy and accompanies them on their way to digital sovereignty.

He writes an irregular newsletter that can be subscribed to at

Dr. Niklas Hellemann

Dr. Niklas Hellemann

CEO of SoSafe

Niklas Hellemann is a studied psychologist, social engineering expert, and CEO at SoSafe. Before founding his own company, he worked as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group for six years in the areas of People and Organization. Besides his Ph.D. in Business Administration, Niklas studied psychology – which led him to the human approach in the tech-savvy cyber security market. In 2018, Niklas founded SoSafe together with Lukas and Felix to strengthen digital self-defense worldwide. Today, Niklas is engaged as a speaker on various stages worldwide, including the OMR Festival, the Web Summit, and the RSA Conference, where he talks about the pressing challenges of social engineering and the newest cybercrime developments.

Hannan Ouhlous

Hannan Ouhlous

Security Awareness Officer

Hannan is the Security Awareness Officer for Eneco Group and a speaker. Creating a vision on how to approach human behavior and reaching those goals in unconventional ways is what characterizes her. Using storytelling as a powerful tool and creating new views on interventions.

During her studies, Hannan started her corporate career at Eneco Group. After several project management roles, she started her journey in optimizing value chains as a lean six sigma blackbelt. Driven by making impact and making people part of that process, she started her leadership journey. The human part is really what drew her to the Cyber Security domain.

“I’m still amazed by the fact that in all my years in change management, I feel that Cyber Security is the first domain that really acknowledges the importance of human behavior and that it really is an expertise.”

Her aim is to make everyone with a heartbeat aware by finding creative new ways of learning, but also keeping it inclusive.

Gonçalo Gaiolas

Gonçalo Gaiolas

CPO at SoSafe

Gonçalo Gaiolas – a computer scientist with extensive experience in the tech industry – joined SoSafe as Chief Product Officer in April 2023. During his more than 15 years in the B2B SaaS space, he has been committed to maintaining high standards in product development. Most recently, as CPO at low-code platform provider OutSystems, he was responsible for scaling the platform strategy and was leading developer and community relations. He is excited to meet security experts from all over Europe at the Human Firewall Conference and to jump into conversations about the latest trends that will inspire and inform the future development of the SoSafe product.

Lia Fey

Lia Fey

Teamlead Information Security

Guided by the motto “You can achieve anything, you just need the courage,” and inspired by Lucius Annaeus Seneca’s words, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,” Lia Fey embarked on a new career after completing her training as a dental assistant and serving in the military. She became a Data Protection Officer at a rehabilitation clinic, taking her first step into the field of information security. Recognizing that security awareness and the implementation of sustainable security cultures are fundamental pillars of information security, she spent several years as a Customer Success Manager, helping clients implement these practices in their organizations through phishing training and eLearning. After building the enterprise customer support and assuming a leadership role, she moved to Kaufland e-commerce. There, she took on new challenges as the Team Lead of the Information Security Team, further share and deepening her expertise in the field.

Shannon Jaritz

Shannon Jaritz

VP Customer Success at SoSafe

Shannon Jaritz is Vice President Customer Success at SoSafe. She and her team are responsible for everything concerning our customers – from onboarding and supporting with the integration of our awareness product to customer satisfaction and retention. Shannon’s whole career journey was and still is dedicated to customers. She is a data-driven person that believes that customers are the highest asset in any company – and that is what she and her team are advocating for at SoSafe.

Inge van der Beijl

Inge van der Beijl

Human Resilience enabler & threat actor communications expert, Northwave

Meet Inge, an expert in cyber resilience. With her mission to make organizations more cyber resilient, Inge understands the importance of involving people in this process. She knows that the psychological factor in cybercrime has been neglected for too long, and she is determined to change that. Inge’s goal is to turn the people in your organization into a human sensor, enabling your staff to secure your organization. With degrees in Social & Organizations psychology and Change Management, and solid experience at research institute TNO, Inge has a strong scientific basis. Additionally, her practical side shines through her service in the military in Afghanistan and being a lead communicator in ransomware incidents. Inge currently is the Head of Expertise and Director Behaviour and Resilience at Northwave.

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Artificial intelligence vs. intelligent humans – cyber heroes assemble!


Dr. Niklas Hellemann, Frank Piotraschke

Cyber heroes assemble: Collaborating to build Human Firewalls

The Human Firewall

Exploring the human side of cyber security


Join host Niklas Hellemann, psychologist and founder & CEO of SoSafe, as we chat with top industry experts, leading CISOs, and visionary figures from the realms of politics and business. Together, we navigate the intricacies of artificial intelligence, global cyber policies, and the nexus of business and security. Tune in and become part of the ‘human firewall’ journey.

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