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People at the center of everything we do

SoSafe has helped 4,000+ security teams across Europe fortify their first and last line of defense: their people. With HuFiCon, SoSafe has created not just an event, but a revolution. We are energizing the cyber security scene, turning insights into action, inspiration into empowerment, and every employee into a cyber hero.


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Hackers focus on people.
So do we.

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Putting people first

Our vision is to strengthen self-defense in a digital and connected world. By focusing on people and inventing impactful products, we help our customers sustainably manage their human risk.


Psychology is in the core of our DNA

In our product organization, over 30% of team members come from a background in social science or psychology. This isn’t just a random fact, it’s a key element of our approach: It helps us infuse each product with insights about human behavior.

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Dr. Niklas Hellemann
Psychologist and CEO at SoSafe

With a rich background in psychology and social engineering, Niklas brings a unique human approach to the tech-driven cyber security market. Co-founding SoSafe in 2018, Niklas capitalized on his dual expertise in Business Administration and Psychology to build a company that leverages behavioral science and data analytics, turning employees into a company’s most potent line of cyber defense.

Cybercriminals have been adept at exploiting our emotions for their sake, making it crucial for individuals to develop resilience against their tactics. However, the power of human psychology is not solely in the hands of malicious actors. Behavioral science has furnished us with a wealth of proven tools that can empower us to adapt sustainable and secure digital behavior. At SoSafe, we are dedicated to harnessing these insights.”


Meet our most important
cyber heroes: Our customers

Our customers are fostering secure behaviors in their
organizations by transforming their employees into active defenders of their company. See how they lead the change with SoSafe.

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